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YO [02 Nov 2005|11:14am]
[ mood | amused ]

It is a few days after halloween and I must say something that has been bugging me...

I know my name is inner_kakashi but I have a gaara theme! This is because he is my favorite character! So if there is any confussion your forgivness please?

Must depart! Much love my kittens!

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Hallowseve [31 Oct 2005|04:20pm]
[ mood | groggy ]

Today is the day a sixteen year old goes trick-or-treating. AkA...me. I know I may be too old but this is my second last year!! I swear. I just can't refuse the call of candy!! Free candy!


On this dark day I am being a un-dead skater dude ((yes I am trading genders for a night.)) I have a backround story.

Elijah Doolittle ((me)) was skating home one night, listening to his Dir En Grey album. Suddenly a vampire attacked him!! In a hazy state, he stumbled into a foggy wood... where he was mauled by a werewolf! In a half alive state he stumbled into a road where a truck hit him and knocked him onto the railroad tracks!! A train came and killed him. But since he was un-dead he came back as a half-vampire half were-wolf. Which ultimatly resulted him to be a un-dead skater dude, who never lets go of his skateboard. Now he sticks by the side of a Gypsy, who for-told the whole thing over his ultra cooly cell phone that had a phsycic connection to his gypsy friend's mind.

Bwahaha! WHat did you think my kittens!! Tell.

Gota go! Candy awaits!!

Lata gata!!

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My birthday... [30 Jul 2005|06:01pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Hewo...Tis my birthday on August First and I just wanted to say...


Yaya thats all bye.

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Summer School [05 Jul 2005|01:47pm]
[ mood | sore ]


I am glad to have such a lovely journal space. All thanks go to inner_iruka ^^ You rock my socks!!
Anyways this is a journal so I must write about my glorious first 2 days of summer school!!

Well on the first day I went into my english class and instantly met a girl named Carla and it turned out she likes anime. So we chatted and I met het friend Monique!! Well anyways were are very good friends! ^^ Then to my wonderful suprise my old mate Sofe ((short for sofia)) walked in. "YAY!!" ...Anyways after walking Carla to the bus stop I proceded to my friend Kail's house, where we then ended up[ going to my other friend Miyavi's ((not her real name)) house where we had lots of fun. I yelled at the sky...^^

On to day two...today. I went to my class and--did I tell you about me teach Mr. Fitz? Well he is irish and he has gone to ireland and get this...he has also gone to JAPAN!! --lucky bastard-- okay so we're in class doin some work...well Im drawing and this rappa guy asked me if i liked anime...so I went..."OO" and said an obvious YES!! and he asked to look at my sketch book and advised me that "I should buy a how to draw manga book at the library"...People this guy was a full on GANGSTA!!...have you ever seen a Otaku Gangster?...no. Well anyways after class me and my friends ((Iruuka)) were walking and I, being a clutz, tripped over the post of a sign...and skidded my face...yes I now have a scratch under my eye and under my nose...AHHH IT BURNS!! anyways I must stop this typing... ^_^

Well that is all...must go play DDR...-now-...Byie!!

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test [05 Jul 2005|01:16pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]


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